Sunday, August 20th, 2017
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Rules of the Program                               Schedule of the Program

1. For the first two weeks of the resident’s stay, there will be no visitors, no computer use, no phone calls and no writing or receiving postal mail. Staff must approve all visitors during all phases. Use of alcohol, illegal drugs or smoking is not permitted. Staff must approve non-prescription drugs. Staff can give urine drug tests.  

2. No profanity or vulgarity is permitted.

3.  Household chores are expected on Saturday morning until noon. Daily chores consist of keeping your assigned area clean and helping to clean up after meals and last 2-4hrs.

4. Each bedroom is to be cleaned and bed made every morning before devotions. Personal items are to be kept in cabinets, closets or dressers except for 3-4 pictures, radio and/or alarm clock, box of tissues if desired, personal journal, devotional and Bible. There will be a $.25 fine for all items left out in the room and anywhere in the house.

5. Thirty minutes of exercise is expected daily.

6. Resident is expected to attend an approved evangelical church every week.

7. Telephone privileges are limited to four 15-minute calls per 24-hour period. There must be a 30-minute interval between calls. Long distance calls cannot be made on the Refuge phone without a calling card. E-mail and computer use at the Refuge is limited to 30 minutes daily.

Cell phones belonging to the residents will be kept and charged in the office.  When a resident wants to use her cell phone she will come to the office during the day and take it out for 15 minutes.  After that she must return the phone to the charging station. In the evening the house manager will take phones to the residents' house for the women to use after devotions.  The phones must then be returned to the house manager by 10:00pm.

8. After 2 weeks resident may spend Saturday night with her husband and/or children, returning Sunday evening by 7:00 p.m. Staff and resident will decide other overnight stays.Resident is required to be present for all meals (unless prior permission is given). Menus are planned in advance. A healthy diet is required (no sugar, artificial sweeteners or caffeine allowed). The use of pork and beef are limited.

9. Christian or classical music may be played at any time. Other members of the house should not be able to hear music unless previously agreed upon. Staff will check all tapes and CD’s.

10. There will be no arguing with the Refuge staff or other residents. Small disagreements will be handled correctly as they happen with the house manager or a counselor. Godly confrontational/communication skills are taught at house meetings.

11. Resident may work or attend school during daytime hours, Monday through Friday. Outside work hours are limited to 30 hours per week. She cannot leave the Refuge before 8 a.m. and must return by 4 p.m. The whereabouts of the residents is to be known at all times.

12. Appropriate clothing is to be worn at all times. No bikinis, short shorts or skirts, halter-tops or sexually suggestive clothes.

13. Thirty-minute naps can be taken daily between Monday and Friday.

14.No R-rated movies are to be viewed at any time; clean PG movies may be watched but are limited to two a week.  
15. On a rotation basis each resident must plan and prepare dinner meals during their assigned weeks.


    Schedule of the Program

    Daily Schedule

    6:00am    Rising time (weekdays) – Dress and make bed

    6:30am    Group devotions ($5.00 fine if late)

    7:00am    Exercise

    7:30am    Breakfast

    8:00am    Clean-up and get ready for day

    8:15-9:00a   Prayer in the office (attendance required if not going to work)

    8:00-9:00a   Client may leave for day job or school

    4:00pm    Client must return to Refuge/Cooks when her turn

    5:45pm    Dinner

    7:00pm    Various group meetings

    8:30pm    Group devotions, prayer, journaling

    10:00pm    Quiet time (weekdays and Sunday)

    10:30pm    Lights out (weekdays and Sunday)

    10:30pm    Quiet time (Friday)

    11:00pm    Lights out (Friday)

    11:30pm    Quiet time (Saturday)

    Evening Schedule

    Sunday Weekend Review  (7:30 p.m.)
    Monday Overcomers Group (7 p.m. resident and non-resident)

    Tuesday Study night     

    Wednesday House meeting (7 p.m., residents only)

    Thursday Free night    (5-9 p.m.)

    Friday Worship Group (7 p.m., resident and non-resident)


    Saturday Schedule

    7:00am     Group Devotions

    7:30am     Exercise

    8:00am      Breakfast

    9:00am-12:00noon     Chores around house and/or other activities if needed.

    Opening Hours

    Monday - Friday
    9.00 am - 5.00 pm

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    Office: (772) 770-4424

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