Friday, April 19th, 2019
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Phases of The Program


Two Weeks:  "Come and See" Program

A condensed preliminary program for those with time constraints, those considering entering the Refuge full time, or interested in starting a Refuge at another location.

Phase I:  Three months - "Take Off"

She identifies coping mechanisms and takes off lies and false messages she has believed about herself. 

Phase II:  Three months - "Put On"

She learns what God's Word says about her, and puts on the truth of who she is in Christ.

Phase III:  Three months - "Give Away"

She begins to give away to others the truths she has learned during the healing process.

Advanced Discipleship Training:  Fifteen months 

On-the-job training in working with others and discipling them in their walk with God.  Preparation for future minstry.

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