Friday, April 19th, 2019
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Staff and Board Members

Donna Robart
Director Ameritus, Co-Founder
Biblical Counselor
Ted Robart
Co-Founder, Facilities & Store Director

Diane Ludwig
Executive Director
Cheryl Wood
Director of Counseling Services
and Biblical Counselor
 Sue Sargent
 Barbara Gardner
Biblical Counselor and
Past Board President
 Paula Bogart
Biblical Counselor
 Lynne Lerch
Biblical Counselor/Groups
                Judy Fitzgerald, House Manager                   Brenda Sposato, Director of Public Relations              Peggy Ribaudo Personal Assistant                  Lisa Miller, Resale Shop Manager                
  The Women's Refuge Board of Directors  
                       Reverend Rebecca Oliver, President                  Donna Robart, Co-Founder                              Ted Robart, Co-Founder                                Langie Mannion, Vice President

                                  Pat Marine, Secretary                                        Roy Wiley, Treasurer                                 Dick Johnson, Board Member                       Kit Fields, Board Member

                                                                      Jeanine Harris, Board Member                    Bill Ludwig, Board Member                Carol Lord, Board Member

                                                                                             Advisory Board of Directors
                                                                         Dr. Wayne Creelman                                       Gene Lofaro                                                     Jim Davis


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Contact Us

1850 Lemon Avenue
Vero Beach
FL 32960

Office: (772) 770-4424

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